How Can I Order
YOU CAN GET INFORMATION ABOUT ORDER AND PRODUCTS to see prices and order. Member login you should. If you are not a member yet Sign up

You can become a member and place an order by following the steps below.


Bebüş Become a Member

You can request membership by filling out the Member Registration form. Your membership will be reviewed by our team and your membership will be approved during the day.


Bebüş Sign In

In the menu section, in the upper right corner or from any product card. Sign In You can log in easily by clicking the button.


Add Product to Your Cart

After logging in, you can easily add products to your cart by reviewing the categories or the newest products added recently.


Wiew Your Cart

After adding your products to the cart, you can go to the My Cart page and see the products you want to buy. On this page, you can add or remove products as much as the package quantities of the products you selected. After your transactions Billing and Delivery Address you can proceed to the next step by clicking the button


Specify Your Delivery Address

Specify your shipping address and billing information for your order.
After your transactions Choose Your Payment Method button
Click to move to the next step.


Choose Payment Method

Choose the payment method that suits you best, and then Complete Order
Complete your order by clicking the button.

Payment Methods for Domestic Customers

    • Cash Payment by Credit Card

    • Payment by Wire Transfer

Payment Methods for Foreign Customers

  • Payment Methods for Foreign Customers

  • Payment by Warehouse / Cargo

  • Zolotaya Corona

  • Western Union / Wise / Korona Pay

Important Notes


Stock Control System Inventory control is provided instantly. The products added to the basket may run out of stock, and after removing the products that are out of stock in your basket, you can click on the Buy button to switch to the payment page.


Minimum Purchase Amount In addition, minimum shopping amounts are determined periodically. In order to purchase products, you must add products to your cart above the minimum shopping amount.